Garage Door Repair Oak Park – Things to Check for Proper Maintenance

Garage door repair in Oak Park can be handled as a Do-it-Yourself type of task if done correctly. There are some things to check before calling in the assistance of professionals to help with conquering the problem with the right kind of solution. Some repairs can be done with a few simple steps, while there are some wherein you might want to have extra hands to help you in completing the tasks. One of the simpler tasks that you can accomplish by yourself is putting lubricant on the tracks so that the doors slide easy on them. Other repair jobs, such as the fixing of the torsion springs, should always be done by professionals.

Before proceeding to go with the maintenance and repair, you have to make sure that everything is unplugged (which includes your garage door openers). You will most likely need a ladder so it is better to have someone hold the ladder down while you are up checking things. Lastly, make sure you have all the tools you need and wear safety gear to avoid injury.


Why is it important to do proper maintenance before calling in the experts? Well, it will save you a lot of money in the process and save the technicians a lot of time as well. When you tell the repair people what’s wrong, they can immediately know where to look. But first, here is a list on what you should do for proper care on your garage doors:

  • Checking the metal tracks for any dents and damages

This is one problem that can easily be handled by yourself. Sometimes, these metal tracks will contain dents and bumps due to the doors being used a lot. If you locate any dents on the tracks, lightly pound them with a mallet or hammer to straighten the damage out.

  • Checking the alignment of the metal tracks

If the tracks are not aligned well, it can cause the doors to fail at what it does best – opening and closing. It is not always necessary to totally unscrew the tracks, just loosen the bolts or screws a bit then lightly tap on the metal tracks for them to be aligned. Tighten the screws and bolts once more when you are done.

  • Cleaning the tracks

When the tracks have debris in them, they can inhibit the doors in functioning well. Remove any debris from the tracks and apply a good squirt of lubricant to make the garage doors work like new once again.

If there are any garage door related problems that seem out of your league, better call in the professionals to handle the job instead. Call in experts like the ones located at Garage Door Repair Oak Park.



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